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Our Objectives

Our objective is to foster close working relationships with our clients so that we are always aware of their changing circumstance and hence able to be proactive in delivering timely and relevant support and advice.

We operate in a competitive market. What makes us successful in attracting clients and then maintaining long beneficial relationships is quite simply our Partners and staff. Each client has designated members of staff who deal with their affairs so that we can provide the require continuity of service and also develop an understanding of their needs. The building of close working relationships is our aim so that we can provide timely advice and support whenever it is required. In addition, we believe that every client should have open access to a Partner.

Traditionally accounting services are charged on a time-spent basis, quarterly in arrears. If, however, alternative methods of payments are more applicable to the clients'circumstances we are happy to discuss these.

Our aim is to establish fee levels in advance so that each client has a clear understanding of the services to be provided and at what cost. For many of our clients, if extra work is required we will indicate the additional fees before we undertake the work.

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